Just finished reading this book and had to write my review right away, that’s how excited I am about this book.

It’s about a 16 year old girl, about her horse and starting a career as jockey, while juggling family drama, first crush, high school as well as her horse, training etc.

The book spoke to me, because my aunt was one of the first female jockeys in Germany. I imagine her path to the track would have been quite a bit more difficult, but it wasn’t really a cake walk for Evie either.

What I liked about the book was….well…everything. I liked the story, the obstacles Evie had to overcome, how she dealt with them, her family drama, her friends/boy/school issues. She was very much a 16 year old girl, but also very mature in ways. The book was pretty fast paced. I didn’t want to put it down even when I had to. I just had to keep reading.

Great book, very well done.