This is one of my favourite books this year, and since I’ve read 132 books YTD, that means something. Yeah, I know….last year I read a lot more, and this year I’m slacking.

Now about the book. I seriously loved it. It’s the perfect blend of coming-of-age, suspense and mystery. Throw in some spookiness, magical creatures and excellent writing, and it sure looks to me like Jonathan Ferrara has a winning combo.

I thought this book is perfect for the intended age group. It’s spooky, but not scary. There’s suspense, but kids won’t get nightmares. The story is entirely unique, unlike anything I’ve ever read. I was already very impressed by Jonathan and Aaron, but after reading this and seeing the illustrations, I am in awe of their creativity, positivity and zest for life.

Hats off, this is a winner and I highly recommend it.