Wow, I love these books. I just finished reading this, and my head is still spinning.

I’m obviously not a creative writer, because once again I have to say this is my favourite of the series. Thank goodness Maggie Dana is a very creative writer and manages to keep this series fresh and new with every installment.

This book starts off with a much lighter tone than the last one, it’s all about the girls, horses, riding and travelling across the pond to train with Jen’s aunt. It felt so refreshing, and i love how the main character keep evolving and maturing, just like girls in real life would. There are some new characters (and horses), and some previous ones resurface (also LIKE).

About halfway through, the plot veers off on a tangent and it’s action packed until the last page. I couldn’t help but read faster and faster, needing to know how it turns out.

LOVE the book, LOVE the series, LOVE Maggie Dana. Another winner.

Can I have the next one NOW please? I need to know what happens next.