A great disappointment.

There is enough plot here to last for 5 books, so everything is just glossed over in a few sentences or pages. This makes reading this choppy and disjointed.

It really isn’t a book about riding. Yes, the main character has a horse, and she competes a bit, but the riding part is just a very small portion. Mainly it’s about the main character, who comes across as a snotty brat, as she rebels against her father, gets a horse and competes, hooks up with her trainer, gets sent to boarding school, competes a little bit more, something bad happens, so she rebels again and runs off with a complete stranger to a tropical location, where she is held hostage by a drug lord….

See what I mean about there being enough plot to make several books? There’s just too much going on, and it moves too fast from one plot to another, and doesn’t give a chance to get into anything.