I have mixed feelings about this book. Some aspects I didn’t like that much and I was a reluctant reader at first. The plot is great, I like the variety of characters, good (Misty) and bad (Megan’s mom). Most of the characters are unique and well-developed. There was something about the writing style that took some getting used to, but the plot sucked me in and I read the whole book. I really want to find out what happens next.

I read the one star review on, and I agree with that reviewer to some degree about the level of research and description (or lack thereof), but that didn’t bother me one bit while reading the book. I didn’t notice a lack of description until I read that review.

This book is fiction, and not claiming any historical accuracy. I think it the book got me sucked in and I want to read more. And that’s good enough for me. It’s more than other books do.