Great….just great.

I am a Wessi, and I lived in Germany until 1990 when I was 19. So I remember the wall coming down, the masses of Ossis coming over to the west. And it never occurred to me that not everyone from the GDR wanted to become western. I was of a similar age as the people interviewed for the book.

This book changed my perspective drastically. Like everyone else, I was indoctrinated with a specific view, the one that we were right and they were wrong. I thought everyone wanted what we had and hated their life in the GDR. Of course some did, but I was surprised to read viewpoints of the people who were satisfied with their life there. It was good to have my eyes opened to the other side of the coin.

Very interesting, highly recommended. It’s a must read, and I’m so glad I got to read this book.